Partnered Servers

Here you find all the servers TKP is currently partnered with, including discord invite links to partnered server, or website.

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Allen Development

Hello, I'm ALLEN the owner of Allen Development here is what i can offer 

-ELS & NON-ELS models 

-help with gta 5 modding 

-help with zmodeler 3 modding 

-meta issues 

BC Designs

BC Designs | Vehicle Developer and 3D Modeler ( @BC Designs ) ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Join the BC Designs server for the most up to date news on future projects!! 

What you get when you join! 

-High quality FREE models for all your LSPDFR/FiveM needs! 

-Access to a top tier GTA V development community with lots of free resources to help new devs get on their feet! 

-Tons of updates on BC Designs projects as well as exclusive releases you can't find anywhere else! 

-Access to converted base models including an ambulance and several firetrucks (WIP) and other dev resources! 

-Amazing opportunities to grow as a developer or just hang out with some great people! Join now! 

Grime Lime Central

Grime Line Central - 

Affiliated with: @JCookGrime along side @Quasar and a couple others 

About Us Discord Server Member Count: 2300 Members 

LSPDFR Profile: 

MU Profile: Patreon: 

Amount of Files: 20 

What GLC Does: Vehicle Development: — FREE High quality, high detail; Car packs containing many cars in each pack — LORE Friendly vehicles for every pack 

Skin Development 

What Do We Offer: - Work-In-Progress Channel for any progress to packs - Support for: LSPDFR & GTAV - A helpful, active and kind community - Special roles, emojis and stickers 

Central San Andreas Roleplay

Capital District Roleplay 

Based out of Troy and Rensselaer, New York 

What We Offer: 

- VMenu 

- Custom Framework With Money 

- Serious RP 

- Custom Law Enforcement Vehicles and Civilian Vehicles 

- Server Sided Sirens/Sounds 

- Buyable Houses/Businesses 

- Custom Menus/Scripts 

What Departments We Offer: 

- NYSP (New York State Police) 

- RCSO (Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office) 

- TPD (City of Troy Police Department) 

- RPD (Rensselaer Police Department) 

- TFD (Troy Fire Department) 

- RFD (Rensselaer Fire Department) 

- DHSES (Home-Land Security) 

- NYSCT (New York State Communications Technicians) 

- NYSC (New York State Civilian) 

- Media Team (Volunteer) 

Capital District Roleplay Media Links: 

-CDRP Discord - 

-CDRP Website - N/A 

-CDRP TikTok - 

-CDRP Instagram -